Seraph of the End Volume 5

For a beginning to the 2nd half of Seraph of the End, its a bit of a mix. Very similar to volume 2’s rhythm which isn’t much of a surprise (For anyone watched the anime version, of course it means the 2nd half of the series will start with a calm episode/chapter) I don’t have to say much other than spoil the obvious, I’m still calling the 1st episode as a “Episode 0” as it happens before the main present day.

So what did I think? Glad that Yuichiro is doing whatever he can to help Mika, though on Guren’s terms, not so. Shinoa being Shinoa as usual, surprising minor detail about her personality (well, not that grand, lol). Already don’t like the Hiragi member inside and shocked that Volume 4’s ending was not forgotten quick, very direct and already have suspicions.

Verdict?: Very direct again. It’s filler-like but direct. Shock value? Well. Depends on perspective though it don’t seem to effect Yuichiro much (which is my negative for this). Still enjoyed it, slightly meh with it but got information out of it.

As for Mika?: Don’t know, after reading half way I did wonder about his last point in Volume 4… Nothing to tell other than time 😦 Time to be told in September DX

Noting to this volume though, only other disappointment was it took 2 weeks for the bookstore to get it from their warehouse. T.T So not happy with them at the moment, might go back to buying online again.

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